About the T2 Foundation

The Tezos network codebase is progressing towards launch, but it needs a functioning foundation to launch the network. We hope that the Tezos Foundation is able to fulfill its charter and is prepared to launch the Tezos network but, regardless, the network needs a place to launch if the Tezos Foundation is not able to do so in an adequate or timely manner.


To that end members of the Tezos Community have organized a new Swiss association, the “Association for the Tezos Protocol and Ecosystem” and a new foundation, the “T2 Foundation,” to launch the network if needed.

Tezos aspires to be a global, revolutionary blockchain. As such, the T2 Foundation embraces diversity of ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures at all levels of the organization. This is critical for a decentralized, worldwide project. In addition, T2 highly values the work of developers, computer scientists and researchers and recognizes that they will be key to the success of the project.

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