Association for the Tezos Protocol and Ecosystem

An Association is a Swiss legal entity composed of members with an affiliated interest, such as the Tezos Community.

An Association can form a Foundation as its “founder.” This is important because it means that instead of a single individual forming the T2 Foundation (T2), the Association for the Tezos Protocol and Ecosystem, (ATPE)  is founding T2. Because the Swiss Foundation Authority gives some deference to the “intent of the founder” and the founder’s wishes carry moral and ethical weight in considering the purpose and realization of a foundation, the Foundation Authority can seek the voice of the ATPE to help in guiding T2. This subtle distinction is critically important: no single individual in the future can call themself the “founder,” and demand that their “vision” be realized. The ATPE is the perpetual founder and it can legally project it’s voice about the vision and bearing of the T2 Foundation.

The ATPE in the future aspires to be as inclusive and large as the entire worldwide Tezos Community. Power in the ATPE is vested in its membership body.

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